Over the last 50 years the Worcester and Birmingham canal has been witness to a blossoming of wildlife; both human and more-than-human wildlife…

Worcester's Arboretum in the 70s from across the canal
Worcester’s Arboretum across Lansdowne Crescent Allotments. April 1970
(Changing Face of Worcester https://www.cfow.org.uk/picture.php?/3300)
Worcester's arboretum across the canal in 2020
Worcester’s Arboretum across Lansdowne Crescent Allotments and Bramblewood. February 2021

In the 50 years since the first picture was taken, the single tree to the left of the top picture has been joined by a host of wild cherry, ash, horse chestnut, hazel, sweet chestnut, hawthorn, elder, field maple, sycamore, willow, and more to create a sliver of city side wilderness now known as Bramblewood. The allotments either side have thrived too, sprouting a wonderful array of sheds and fruit trees, to create a patchwork of lovingly tended plots of earth, peopled by some of the most friendly and hard working Worcestertiums* you can meet.
(I can’t find a good word for ‘people who live in Worcester’ but this sounds nice, if you read it like ‘nasturtiums’.)

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View over Bramblewood canopy
View over the top of Bramblewood