Key Points
* Sessions run 10am-3pm every term-time Friday and cost £40
* Sessions are booked in termly blocks
* Children access the sessions unaccompanied as a rule, but if there is a need for you to be with your child on session, do get in touch so we can discuss it further.
* Our community is consent-based, and so each session begins & ends with a brief meeting to give the opportunity for everyone to check-in/out, make plans & agreements for the day as needed.


On Fridays we are delighted to be able to offer a space that has been curated by home educators and experienced professionals to meet the needs of home educated families and children.

Our sessions run every term-time Friday, 10-3, and offer children a significant chunk of time in a broad age-ranged self-directed social community (as well as the possibility of some child-free space for parents & carers.)

Merging the principles of Forest School with those of consent-based and self-directed learning, our learning community has been developing and growing over the last twelve months, seeing wonderful journeys of brilliance and growth along the way.

Being situated in beautiful Bramblewood, we are able to benefit from its fantastic natural affordances, meaning that everything you read in our What Happens at Saturday Forest School section, can also apply here. Our Home Educator sessions are not, however, limited to this and if children’s self-direction inspires them to request exploration beyond traditional ‘Forest School’ activities (e.g. playing cards, visiting the local park, a trip out of the wood and into the nearby town, for instance), then we endeavour to feed this curiosity.

We recognise that you may well benefit from having a further discussion about how our home educator community might be able to support your child(ren); if so please do get in touch by email, where we can either answer your questions, or arrange a phone call.

If you would like to book a taster ‘get to know one another’ session click here, to set up a date where your child can sample an hour or two of a Friday Home Educator session with you, so we can all see how things might fit together.