Bramblewood plays host to a range of workshops and learning opportunities, all aimed at spreading nature based practice. If you are a natural crafts person and would like to find out about running something at Bramblewood, or have an idea about some thing you would like to see at Bramblewood, do get in touch.

Connecting with your ecology

As we and The Bramblewood Project grow, we hope to bring a variety of invitations for you to spend time with your whole-self, your shared earth and your fellows. We will add opportunities and ideas here as they present themselves.

Man using a swing brace

Woodland and ancestral crafts

Pick a stump, relax and take your time to whittle a creation from Bramblewood hazel or ash. Learn from local crafts people how to drop spin wool, macramé a pot holder, whittle a spoon, make cordage from bramble and nettles. We will add events as the project grows.