“Once people find something beautiful
right here, right now
life and all that lives begins to sing.”

(Cree & Gersie, 2014)

Beautiful white downy feather encrusted with just melting frost

We offer an invitation, simply to come and be in a friendly, natural space.

Whether being also needs to mean…

…being active and productive, or
being still a while and breathing,

learning something new or
something old to come back to you,

being with other people or
spending time with just you and nature.

You are welcome.

Please browse our offerings below
to find out more about how Bramblewood can offer you a natural re-connection.

As The Bramblewood Project evolves, we will add new events and sessions to our calendar. The best way to stay informed is to subscribe to our newsletter which you can do on our contact page.

“Knowledgeable and welcoming staff are the icing on the cake…”

“Bramblewood offers a unique space to enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors within the city. Making it easily accessible to the people of Worcester yet providing a very special therapeutic and learning experience. Knowledgeable and welcoming staff are the icing on the cake and we look forward to an enriching and lasting partnership.”
Brenda Simmonds
Occupational Therapist
New Opportunities Worcester

If the above options don’t seem to be the thing, do get in touch to talk things through.
We may be able to suggest or create something for you.