The greatest support you can give is by becoming part of our network. Its not a Network, just a network.

We have a growing list of people that have said they are happy to be called upon in someway, and many come along on a Monday volunteering session to lend a hand.

Get in touch and say, I would like to help in someway, and that is it. You’ll be part of The Bramblewood Project.

We have learned not to be afraid of asking for help, and are continually humbled by people’s keenness to get involved, share skills or offer materials for upcycling.

Ways people have helped:

Writing a press release, sharing building skills, joining a big bramble cut back, surveying the vegetation and wildlife, clearing bramble to create habitats, planting herbs in the forest garden, cooking a big pan of soup to share, raising a tool shelter, sharing a craft, making bird boxes, paying for a child to attend 6 forest school sessions, offering timber for construction, bringing a chainsaw and the skills to use it, volunteering at forest school, offering old tools, a tool sharpening lesson, bringing cake, swapping broad beans for hazel stakes, planting a tree, advice and help on social media and websites, offering to teach crochet round the fire…

How is Bramblewood Funded?


Currently admin for all our sessions, our website and fundraising are provided by a team of one volunteer administrator supported by a group of 5 wonderful CIC directors. It is our intention that, through our activities and fundraising, we will be able to have a more sustainable model. In the meantime, please feel free to support us and buy our administrator a coffee. Thank you.

Paid sessions

Some of our sessions, like forest school or workshops, have a fee which covers the tutors or forest school leaders and materials, as well as making a contribution to our overheads, like insurance.


We raise funds to subsidise or completely sponsor places on our paid sessions for people who can’t otherwise afford it. These places, where we have them, are limited. Please get in touch if you want to find out if there are subsidised places for the session(s) you would like to attend. Our thanks goes to Worcester Play Council and everyone who supported our bid on Crowdfund Worcester for our current subsidy pot.

If you would like to support someone else to attend a course or session at Bramblewood, do please also get in touch!

Pay what you can

Some of our community sessions are listed as ‘Pay what you can’. Here, we will give an idea of what it actually costs the project per place for an event or activity. It is our hope that those who value the experience and the spirit behind our work will be happy to pay this and a bit more if they can, thus directly supporting those who would value the experience but otherwise would not be able to afford to have it. We really hope to be able to sustain this approach.