We offer your group a simple invitation –

time to connect with nature

and time to connect in nature.

We offer you and your group an invitation to come and recognise for yourselves the natural health benefits of spending time with and in nature.

Our species evolved as nature, we knew and deeply understood our land and our fellow Earth dwellers – it was all there was to know and we were embedded and entwined within our ecology – our land story. We wouldn’t be here now if this hadn’t been the case.

We moved indoors. The busyness of our culture nowadays means that so many of us spend a lot more time following thoughts buzzing around in our heads and much less time feeling our senses in our bodies, where we really are. With the anxieties of daily life, money, friendships, work, family, etc. this can become an overwhelming and all consuming experience.

If we can allow ourselves to land, become grounded in a natural space, and notice where our feet actually our, we give ourselves a chance to experience a deep and forgotten pleasure from receiving our surroundings through our senses.

A wild and natural space offers us a hugely sensory experience which, when we start to give time to the sensory picture being painted and engage with the space, can continue to bring us out of the noise of our heads and into the older, calmer wisdom of our bodies.

So, being in nature in a curious and openly attentive way is the most natural habitat for us as beings, hence why stepping out for a breath of fresh air, a stroll, digging the garden or a big view with a huge sky, is many people’s ‘go-to’ for a restorative moment and perhaps helps us feel part of something bigger, wiser and more resilient than ourselves.

Throughout all our sessions, our staff draw on learning from Forest School, education experience, nursing, parenthood, Wellbeing in Nature study and forest bathing research, as well as 4+ years of lived learning and natural apprentiship with Bramblewood as tutor.

We are also blessed with a network of experienced practitioners skilled in a range of therapies, body work and ecological connection who support and advise us and from time-to-time run nature-based sessions with us at Bramblewood.

Bramblewood can offer you a range of ways of being in nature. Just get in touch to discuss your needs.

We can work with you and your group to create an offering of invitations to connect with nature, to be playful, creative and curious. As a working wood Bramblewood also offers many physical and meaningful activities to help get us into our bodies, to feel and become skilled and make a contribution to the wider human and more-than-human world.

Basic green woodworking (making useful and beautiful artefacts out of wood coppiced in Bramblewood).
Coppice hazel, layer it to create new hazel trees and process it ready for use.
Horticulture in our emerging Forest Garden where we are learning how to grow edible crops and fruit in a sustainable way.
Create tools or play things for the children of Bramblewood forest school.
Swing in a hammock and gaze at the ash leaves spinning of the tree in autumn.
Share a skill or idea for some thing to do or make
Create habitats for the other fellows of Bramblewood (making bird boxes, creating hibernacula (winter sleeping places) for invertebrates.
Learn knot crafts – lashing and hitching to create structures and shelters, or decorative knots for plant hangers and gifts.
Make string from nettle. Make tea and fritters from nettles. Make almost anything you want to from nettles.
Share a story or a song round the fire.
Take a turn at lighting and tending the fire.
Cook lunch on the fire.
Saw and split the wood for the fire.

… and on and on.